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What are some reasons a judge can deny a name change?

I'm 16 and live in Alabama. I have parental back-up to change my first and middle name, though my dad (who doesn't live with me) is tons more supportive than my mom (who does live with me). I'm paying for the entire thing myself -- the petition, the notary, the filing fees, court fees if necessary, and all fees to replace old papers. I am very serious about this. (The reason I'm wary is that I'm changing my name from a unisex first name-female middle name to a male first and middle name; I'm a female-to-male transsexual, pre-everything.)

I've read a judge can deny a name change if it is "against public interest" -- that is extremely vague, can someone explain that? What are other reasons a judge can deny a name change, and can I combat the denial?

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    These are the most common reasons a name change is refused:

    * It contains symbols, numbers, or anything other than letters.

    * It contains offensive words.

    * As for "against the public interest", that is usually used if it's a public figure, or otherwise a silly name such as "alien invader" or something like that.

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  • 8 years ago

    I would expect a judge to deny changes done for changing your name to Queen Elizabeth. In some countries they may deny changing your name to something 'weird' like Qu^ycl1!. Or something potential offensive like "Kiss My ***".

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