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plot for car crash short story?

Im hoping for any suggestions for a car crash short story plot possibly with some romance in there? Any suggestions would be much apprieciated!!

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    How about this: a young woman is involved in a car crash in which leaves her with temporarily memory loss. she has no idea why she had a suitcase filled with cash in her trunk at the time of the crash and cannot remember anything about " Meet L.P at 4" which is on her calendar on the same day of the wreck which happened at 3:45.

    Why does she have a suitcase filled with money?

    Where was she going?

    Who is L.P and why did they meet?Why did she write initials

    Is any of this connected to her wreck.

    this should get yout started

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    Say an estranged couple (married or not) have been thrown back together when the man's younger brother is in a car crash and is now in a coma. The woman in this story could have babysat the brother which is why she returns?

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    I wrote once of a son who took his mother for grannit then shes in a car accident but later on that night he gets drunk (out of grief and sadness) and returns home to find her sleeping in bed peacefully...... hes confusedbut concluded it was a visionof the future and so he makes every momment with his mother count........, in the end he ends up dying in car crash but the mother and him have shared alot of possitive and memorable momments ....... id work on it a bit and maybe you could change it up to boy friend girl friend situation :) ps got an 89% only because i handed it late ans REALLY bad grammar !!!! lol good luck

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