Where is the best place to buy "Suspender Pantyhose' or Phantom's "Silk Desires" in B.C or Canada REPUTABLE.?

simply adore and love the feel of pantyhose and..well my wife really preferred me in black suspender pantyhose,and we once came across of well too big sized Silk Desire 'hose and I tried them and felt In Love, well we both did again! They felt so soft on my legs and hers only to be riddled with a pair one 2 sizes too big(kinda didnt work!)

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    Phantom no longer makes "Silk Desire". They sold off the Silks brand and the Energizers brand to Doris Hosiery, the makers of Secret brand hosiery and Jockey brand hosiery.

    These days, Silks and Silks Desire are both long in the leg. They are different from when Phantom made them. I bought a size large of Silks Desire, and I have an inseam of 30", and they fit me. I'm 5'6".

    It sounds to me, that you have a problem with how you put them on. 1 of my customers had a similar complaint. She was shorter than me, if I recall correctly, yet she claimed that they didn't fit right. I explained to her that she needed to spread the hosiery out so that it was nice and even along the entire leg. It's a lot like body paint and wall paint, in that you want it nice and even, even though it can stretch a lot. She tried it, and the length was fine.

    These days, the hosiery grips the leg easily, so you don't need to pull them up really hard.

    I sell Silks Desire on my e-commerce site. I am situated in Surrey, BC. I personally do quality assurance checks every time I get new inventory. In fact, I take them out and measure the leg lengths and the dimensions of the panty portion.

    That being said, I suggest that you go to my site, and contact me via email. I'll try to work with you privately for free to see if we can make the pairs that you have already work for you.

    Source(s): I worked at the hosiery department in Sears, in downtown Vancouver. I bought and tried Silks Desire hosiery. I currently sell Silks hosiery. http://www.freewebstore.org/hosieryadvocate/
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    Suspender Pantyhose

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    Suspender Hose

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