How long has Iran been fighting with Israel?

Where does Iran's hate for Israel originate?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Technically Iran itself has not been fighting with Israel, they have however been sending weapons/supplies/training/etc... to terrorist groups that have been attacking Israel for some time. (decades)

    To understand the start of this you would need to really research back to the founding of Israel by the U.N. in 1948 as well as some of the prior terrorist acts done against the British government in the British Mandate of Palestine. This really is not a simple subject.

    Some basics... Iran, along with most of the other countries in the Mid East have issues with the fact that a huge influx of "outsiders" were basically given a country in the mideast. Add to this, after conflicts between some of the Arab nations and Israel (mind you Iran was not involved in these), a large portion of the palestinian people had fled the area to avoid the fighting and have no way to return. So there is a huge issue between Israel and most of their neighbors. Note also most of the countries (Iran is not included in this) in this area were split up and formed just prior to Israel formation. (The whole area used to be one portion of larger empires... the formation of some of the countries, like Iraq caused even bigger issues internally.)

    Now this is very simplified, there are also religious issues involved (again dealing with outsiders as prior to WWII this area actually had quite a bit of cooperation in the palestinian portions of the turkish empire between the various religions.) as well as economic and other issues. But you were asking about the hate Iran has for Israel. Israel's views on the conflicts are different. (Mainly about defending the land they were granted and being able to grow, even though the later causes quite a bit of their issues with the U.N.)

    Really I would reccomend researching this from both sides to get a better picture of the whole... as this is a fairly complex issue.

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  • Danny
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    8 years ago

    More of an issue of being hostile than actual fighting, and that of virtually all Arab and Persian peoples since the state of Israel was founded right after WWII. Iran meanwhile managed to replace a corrupt, brutal dictatorship, which the US supported, with a fundamentalist Islamic state that views Israel and the US as criminal partners allied against it. This is perpetuated by the Iranian government's ineptness at managing its own peoples' needs - for example having to import refined petro fuel - so needing a scapegoat, resentment at the Israeli success in turning a sandbox nobody really wanted into one of the world's strongest economic and technological powers, Israel's military record (so far) of overcoming war brought to it, and, yes, Israel's lapses into arrogant excesses in efforts to control land.

    Source(s): Fifty years of studying the news. Best to remember: "All is vanity and striving after wind."
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  • 8 years ago

    Ever since the days of two of Abraham's offspring-Isaac and Ishmael. They were half brothers.

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