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Do you learn sword fighting when you learn Aikido?

I've seen (for some dojo's promotionnal video) aikido students doing demonstrations and then show some sword techniques. So when you go to a aikido dojo, do they teach you sword techniques as well as Aikido?

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    Aikido has primarily 3 weapons that are taught or used to some degree.

    Bokken - Wooden Sword

    bo - Staff (5ft)

    tanto - wooden knife

    You learn techniques with the weapons and defenses. Depending on the dojo will determine how in depth you will learn the weapon. Some will do man techniques. Others might not. You should learn that the same techniques that you use with the weapon are done without the weapon.

    Source(s): Martial Arts since 1982
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    Yes, though the sword techniques in most of Aikido are a far cry from real swordwork, but are useful from a training standpoint, as the movements relate to the Aikido movements.

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    It is a branch of Aikido, some dojos teach and some don't. Also you can learn how to defend against other weapons too.

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    Morihei Ueshiba studied many weapon arts (Yagyu shingan Ryu, etc).

    Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo are two facets of Aikido but they are not methods of using the sword so much as they are methods of understanding Aiki through weapon systems.

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