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Psychology, I need a counterargument.?

A sociologist and an psychologist were having the argument of transgendered people.

The psychologist attacks on the sociologist did not treat transgendered people as a "vulnerable population" (prisoners, terminally ill persons, children, people with mental illness, and pregnant women)

The psychologist explains that anyone who identified as “transgendered” was “mentally ill” suffering from Gender Identity Disorder as listed in the DSM.

The sociologist argues from a sociological perspective, that we all have issues with our gender, even the most normatively gendered among us,


My question is, I think there is just a miscommunication here. The psychologist didn't really mean to be "rude", and they are just arguing from different perspectives.I can only take the psychologist's side by the way for this assignment.

How do I explain that they are probably arguing different things and it was just a misinterpretation? Or any other answer could also help

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    the premises are flawed, behavior only amounts to a disorder if it adversely affects one's life

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