How can I dis-allow remote access to my computer?

My brother has something set up on my laptop that allows him to log onto my computer, when i'm online, without me knowing, so he can see what i'm doing. I honestly, think that isn't fair, and I sorta think it's privacy invasion. I do not look up "bad" things, I just don't like the though of someone else knowing what i'm doing.

I THINK I might have turned off remote access, because when I go to the start button and search "Remote Access" on the search programs bar, and I click something, I enter the admin password, and a window comes up with an unchecked box that says "Allow remote assistance connections to this computer". So.. what do I do?

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    8 years ago
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    he has intalled some kind of monitoring software, maybe a keylogger. you should find and remove it, check processes running to find the directory it is saved in and end it. then delete it.

    there is a free application called keyscrambler which will protect your keystrokes so he won't be able to see those. he will still be able to see pages visited and other stuff unless you remove it though.

    you should restrict access to your computer with a password so it can't happen again.

    keyscrambler can be downloaded here:

    if you want to delete it:

    open task manager (Ctrl, Shift + Esc)

    click the processes tab

    look for one that you don't know what it is. if it is a keylogger you have they usually have a string of random letters as the process name

    right click the process and choose view file location

    right click it again and click end

    open the directory and delete the file (you may need to boot safe mode to be able to delete)

    also check the programs that start up with windows to make sure there is nothing else there:

    press Windows+R

    type "msconfig" (no quotes)

    click run

    go to the startup tab and check if there are any applications you don't know what they are. (be careful about disableing core programs needed for windows to run)

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  • 8 years ago


    Advanced system settings..

    Windows start key >Control panel >System &Maintenance> (System) Allow remote Access>(Remote) Uncheck " Allow remote assistance to this computer"> apply/OK.

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