Is this right? Please help!!!!!!?

Me and a girl from another caste love each other deeply. We both know we can never be together, for our parents won't allow it. We share all sorts of personal things, including that we both like to see nude photos of the opposite sex etc. Yesterday, we were sitting together alone in a classroom and became very cozy, we started kissing each other all over, started touching and kissing each other passionately. We both feel its a feeling like no other, and its the first time we both have done this or have come so close to someone. We both are virgins and determined to keep it that way. But we feel guilty, we believe we are cheating ourselves and our parents. We both know we don't have a future. What should we do? Should we continue this (it feels great), or stop it (seeing we can't be together forever)????

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  • 9 years ago
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    it is ur life but u can continue it but just keep it a secret

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