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Sono un ragazzo italiano, sto arrivando in canada.?

Hello I am an Italian boy, soon I'll move to Canada Q: I have about 17 years, I am transfering from southern Italy (Naples), Montreal (Quebec, Canada), my facility on Securelist.com is not perfect, I do not know how they are perceived Italians in Canada but hoped to stay well! I'm tall about 1.85 am blond but not a light blonde: S I have green eyes. I'm not a Hefty but not a fat man, he hoped to stay well in Canada, but I would like to know how to live in canada (montreal) for an Italian guy?

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    http://www.go-montreal.com/areas_littleitaly.htm You may like to start here before you go to the rest of the big city.

    Good Luck in your adventure . WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO when dealing with other people will be more important than (I am ITALIAN). This of course does not apply when you are meeting a nice Italian raggazza.Buona fortuna per il passaggio a Montreal. Ci sono persone provenienti da molti paesi. Esso contribuirà a imparare il francese. Ma ricordate ci sono anche un sacco di ragazze italiane troppo.

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    Ciao, there is many Italians in Canada, especially in southern Ontario near Toronto, but there are also many in Montreal. You will be treated like everyone else so you don`t have to worry about anything.

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