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America you used to be such a great nation what happened to you?

the man who funded the nazi's mao and many other dictators (david rockefeller) is in charge of the federal reserve inflating your currency, while setting up an international currency after all else fails

the man who owns 50% of all the world gold setting the market prices around the world

the man who funded the nazi's (a jew i might add, not all jews are bad but whats the deal with the anti jew mentality in the us) not all jews are bad americans should know this,

this man is a criminal using backdoor deals and loans to sneak into politics (this man should have hung for his crimes against humanity in germany, instead? we "pulled out" of the great depression, no america you just let your country be hijacked by nazi elite via loans since 1945, we are all slaves, americans you all have a voice yet none of you use it it makes no sense to me)

the american people just don't care anymore,the educational field is severely lacking

there isn't industry anymore, that's moved to china - what made america great? industry

now that every label says "made in china" that and china owns a great deal of us debt

you can see a rise in china, inevitably - america...the american people

your forefathers would be ashamed, weeping tears of blood if they knew what your great nation has become, police "to protect and serve the 1%" american people i'm begging you educate yourself, because the actions you make effect us all, the end result liberty for none

please...wake up

the vital fact that a nazi is in control of your currency...why aren't more people angry?

i know damn well i am, but as a canadian i have no voice in america

you used to be so great....and now? the future only knows

don't let your ignorace on vital issues start world war III and global dictatorship

speaking for the people of the world, what you do effects all of us

don't let another 9/11 happen, it only takes one big "terrorist attack" to execute martial law

and the people will feel safe and protected losing the last of their rights

nazi germany was an experiment, these people know how our brains work

the cold war is over and they thrive on war and military spending, (they meaning the powers that be)

are looking for any excuse to start world war 3, the end result? global dictatorship

we can do something about it, and its time people started taking off the blinders

setting aside conspiracy theories, only focusing on pertinent facts, to better the nation

america can still be great...but we must cut off the head of the imperial serpents and think about humanity as a whole instead of our own salvation - thanks for listening


i forgot to mention

Passed: Americans can be detained without due process Bill - S.1867

you can be arrested and tortured without parole bail or reason

Update 2:

ron paul wants to end the federal reserve

how many corrupt politicians nowadays would do something like that?

that can and will effectively end the stockpiled debt

Update 3:

i don't hate america, please don't be biased here

i'm simply stating america has gone to hell since you gave a nazi leeway in government

and it effects the entire planet - this is a cry for help, to wake up

not a hate rant

Update 4:

how come the troll accusing me of hating america gets two thumbs up

but the true patriot gets two thumbs down?


Update 5:

seven, david rockefeller funded nazi germany eugenics

this man is a criminal who was set free in america unconvicted

there's more then enough proof, but you and i both know you'll never bother to look it up

like most of america, and the world - you simply don't care

Update 6:

i'm not comparing people to nazis

he IS a nazi

he FUNDED the nazi party

he is a CRIMINAL

did i forget to mention - Americans can be detained without due process Bill - S.1867

learn from history, because it always repeats itself

Update 7:

both parties sold out america is the type of country to pick the lesser of two evils

where as both political parties are corrupt dbags serving the same shadow government

like racial issues, divide and conquer

it appears to be working wonders for the 1% in america

Update 8:

the tip of the iceburg here is that obama's entire council is wall st;

nobody else is worthy enough to be in his congress - nobody but wall st

and people still claim that he's "trying" to change the country

like bush who you all blame, he is just another puppet

next in line, rick santorum everybody!

alot of uneducated americans call me racist for questioning hitl- sorry obama

i look at what he's done and who he serves not the color of his skin, how about you who poke the finger you probably only voted for him because he's black (half black anyway, he's half white)

the world is messed up....and americans won't make the change that they can in the world

at least not the vast majority

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    I agree with you...and those of us who are awake enough to realize what is happening are voting for Ron Paul, the only candidate that gives me any confidence that this country can be saved.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Officially, we've been under Martial Law since the Civil War. It's just never been rescinded. That's why when you go into a court of law the gold fringe is around the American flag to show it is a Military Tribunal hearing. Our Congress is a moot point and they, as well as judges, are illegally occupying seats. They know this, but the vast majority of the public doesn't. It's just like there are NO laws that gives our government the right to tax our wages. Ask an IRS agent. Nothing on the books. The FEMA camps seem to be bases for the Army and Air Force. Kind of makes you wonder why they are in place when we've had the American Red Cross for emergency services.

  • 9 years ago

    Did I miss something? When did David Rockefeller become Chairman of the Federal Reserve? Last time I looked, Ben Bernanke set monetary policy, discount rates, etc...

    What does one man owning 50% of the world's gold have to do with governmental gold pricing? "Book Value" is what governments trade at. The open market has no effect. Current book value of gold in US Dollars is $42.22.

    Here's an interesting article for gold investors:


    The Official Price of Gold is Only $42.22/oz.

    For many decades now Americans have been allowed to own gold and silver and, despite gold and silver trading in the vicinity of $1200/oz. and $18/oz. respectively, the “official” price of gold is still $42.22 per ounce.

    As such, all holders of gold bullion coin should take the “official” price of $42.22 per oz. very seriously when accumulating gold for protection. If not, you could be setting yourself up for a hard lesson in how our government may treat that bullion in the future. If you think that cannot happen read this:

    In 1979 The Franklin Mint shipped a substantial number of Krugerrands on TWA. The shipment was lost by TWA, so the Franklin Mint sued to recover its loss at the actual market price of gold. In Franklin Mint Corp. vs. Trans World Airlines, the Supreme Court ruled that gold bullion values in commerce are limited to $42.22 an ounce. That’s all they received!

    Could Gold Confiscation Happen Again?

    The United States has seen four different gold confiscations — the last of which was in 1933. Few people realize that when the freedom to own gold was restored in 1972, the President retained the power to require us to surrender our gold which he can do again any time (probably on a Friday) with the mere stroke of a pen.


    While the exodus of jobs in the manufacturing sector is apparent, it tends to only be in consumer goods. We are still the largest exporter of industrial and other business goods in the world by a substantial margin and our automobile industry is healthy. We have learned over the years (with Japan, Korea and Taiwan) that giving up some manufacturing grows the global economy and opens new markets for our industrial goods. By standards set during the formation of The Milleneum Goals, China has moved out of third-world nation status. And they have the US to thank for it. I guess we have to decide whether we want to be isolationist or use our good fortune to help the rest of the world. Some would obviously choose isolationist policies but that isn't a move forward.


    Source(s): Official US Mint site: Full article on gold as an investment/hedge:
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    The things that you have mentioned pushed many people into depression. I should know because I've been diagnosed by it and I blame the economy for it and all these community mess. It pushed me to be on Paxil, which I hated using because of its side effects. See: I'm off it now and I still feel like a mess.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They believed in Trickle-down for thirty years, they believed in de-regulation, they believed in lower taxes "for all" they believed in free-trade, they believed in American Exceptualism dispite vast amounts of proof other wise, they let the loyal American Corporations off-shore every job they could (and still are) they believed TV would make their kids smarter, they believed voting for someone even dumber than themselves was a good thing, they let Wall Street bankrupt the world, they let 99% of the Politicians get "bought" and did nothing......Americans....True Believers....not particularly great thinkers.......

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Thou forgot to mention the Bildebergs and Free Masons! Not to mention the CFR!

  • 9 years ago

    Another Canadian who Hates America... How unique...

    Of Course your "Owners" in England is soooooo great......

    Soon you too will be facing Terrorists with planes... Have fun with that. As you will eventually see Ignorance of reality is not a defense.


    † FNS †

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    The Dept. of Education happened to us.

    ...and television.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Godwin's law. you automatically lose. Please try again without comparing people to nazis without VERY good evidence, on hand, to prove this. Otherwise, you automatically lose.

    Edit: still waiting for any evidence. All yovue done is say more things. repeating yourself does not equal evidence.

  • 9 years ago

    Libs got positions of power and are screwing everything up.

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