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what would it take to fly across the atlantic ocean?

I'm a private pilot in Alberta, Canada. I'm looking for a trip across the atlantic in a twin prop plane. Right now i DO NOT have a multi engine or IFR or Night VFR rating so please enlighten me with the numerous things i would have to buy and pay for. So far what i have considered is 15,000 for flight training, 80,000 for a plane, 3,000 for fuel, 30,000 for hotels and food, and 5,000 for inspection and minor work.

What else should i be looking for? Considering that i want this to happen in 6 years.

DON'T tell me i can't, if you do you are going to become one of the many people that i'm going to have to battle.

Oh BTW the plane has to have a range of at least 1000 Nautical Miles becasue of the 6 legs i'm going to fly.

Also do you know of any other people that have crossed the atlantic ocean, besides amelia airhart and charles *someone*?

I'm going from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to London, England, Great Britain; for all intensive purposes.

I've recently considered a Piper Aztec Turbo with Long Range Tanks (140 usable gallons).

Total flight time should be around 40 hours and 5400NM of track.

What do you think?


alright so 4700NM

I stand corrected as well for my miss use of "all intensive purposes"

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    Its "for all intents and purposes" not intensive, just a fyi. Have a nice trip, and feel free to move about the cabin.

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    To get bare minimum training and try a trip like this is a disaster waiting to happen. You really should spend a few years getting a bit of flying experience first.

    Skipper nailed the ferry route, but if you are going to fly an Aztec, I would recommend the southern route since you will have the legs for it. The weather is better and the water is warmer. Gander to the Azores, then on to Portugal. Then go however you wish through Europe from there.

    Source(s): "I stand corrected as well for my miss use of "all intensive purposes"" I think you mean "misuse" LOL.
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    people fly light airplanes across the atlantic from time to time.

    there are videos on youtube of somebody flying a mooney, there is a cute writeup of somebody flying a 152 to africa, and so on. you'll fly via greenland and iceland, or via the azores. have a look at the first season of ice pilots nwt, where they flew a couple of cl-215s across the atlantic, via the azores.

    i wonder why you want to do this, but that's beside the point...

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