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Was it all worth it after all ?

We warred against Afghanistan solely to seek revenge for the 9/11 atrocity (get Bin Laden)and secondary to oust the Taliban regime.

In the eleven long years it is estimated that over 100,000 innocent civilians have been slaughtered in Afghanistan and Pakistan because of the war we started.

Incredibly we are now in negotiations with the Taliban to return them back into power in Afghanistan !!

Back to where this all started !!

In the ten year illegal Iraqi war which was based on a pack of lies,it is estimated that over 200,000 innocent Iraqi civilians have been slaughtered

Like the families of 9/11,the family and loved ones of all those slaughter hate America as our families for the most part hate the 9/11 perpetrators.

Not content to have caused the slaughter of so many with our warring,we then added insult to injury.When he declared war against Iraq Bush told the world that God had blessed his war against these 2 MUSLIM nations.(Obviously it wasn't Allah who blessed his slaughter of Muslims) .This did not/will not endear Muslims to us.

Then after causing the slaughter of over an estimated 300,000 innocent Muslims in Iraq,Afghanistan and Pakistan we have General Tommy Franks saying "We don't do body counts"

Now that is an interesting lie.We did an accurate body count on 9/11.We did/do a very careful body count of dead American military and American civilians .

To Muslims and the world, this American General was saying We do not do body counts of all other nationalities slaughtered as their lives are not of the same importance as Americans .

If you ever wonder why we are so hated around much of the world,start here .

Now all you highly moral/ethical , family values "My country right or wrong" types can get your thumbs going .

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