How would the US government react if China invaded Pakistan?

Let's assume India's not involved for simplicity's sake. The invasion could be due to the Kashmir situation, or perhaps China believes that Pakistan is sheltering Uyghur terrorists and is adopting an interventionist foreign policy very similar to America's.


It's a completely hypothetical question

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    If China invaded Pakistan…

    There would be a large military face off between the largest and the seventh largest military forces in the world. It would be a bizarre conflict, as China is currently a large supplier of weapons for Pakistan and the two countries also run joint military exercises.

    While these two military forces faced off, the US government would feel compelled to take a stance. The US government would then have to make the ideological decision between a communist country and an Islamic country with ties to terrorism. Despite China being the aggressor, the US would attempt to rationalize the Chinese reasons for invading Pakistan. This would largely due to the desire of the United States government to not get involved in the conflict, as well as an attempt to prevent estranging the relationship with the economic power of China. China has a variety of economic ties to the US, not the least being that they hold a large amount of our debt.

    This, however, would not be the end of the story. Due to Pakistan’s recent (Feb 2012) pledge of support of Iran in the instance of a US attack, Iran would step in to help out its new ally. Iran, being the volatile country that it is, would pressure Pakistan to use its nuclear weapons against the Chinese, whose army is pressing towards victory against the outnumbered and out armed Pakistani and Iranian forces.

    The threat of Iran allied with a nuclear power would catapult Israel into the equation, hoping to prevent Iran from accessing nuclear weapons that it has often threatened to use against Israel. Israel would initial just pledge non-combative support to China.

    Israel joining the conflict would pull in a large number of the remaining Middle Eastern Islamic countries, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia in support of Pakistan as well as African countries such as Egypt. This threat would force Israel to move forward to and active combat role in the conflict.

    With its primary Middle Eastern ally, Israel, as well as several oil producing Middle Eastern countries involved, the US would be force to become involved. A large number of European powers would also now be pulled in, despite their attempts thus far to ignore the conflict.

    The United States would side with China due to its previous support of the invasion. France and Germany would also give aid to China. With world powers bearing down on all sides, Pakistan would finally resort to nuclear weapons, aimed at China and the US. The US missile defense system would successful bring down the nukes head for America while crossing the ocean. China would not be so lucky, just managing to launch a retaliatory nuclear strike before being hit.

    Shortly after the nuclear strikes, Pakistan would be overwhelmed by US and Chinese forces. Cowed by the threat of nuclear war, the other Middle Eastern countries would back down. The US would then use its presence in Pakistan to launch an attack of Iran, quickly overwhelming Iran’s defenses.

    The US would then need to maintain presence in Pakistan and Iran, as China would withdraw to deal with the devastation caused by the nuclear strikes. This would significantly set back China’s economy. This, along with the military over extension, would have a devastating chain of effect on the US economy, and by extension, the European economy (which is already doing poorly anyways).

    With the void left in the world’s power structure, India, Canada, and Brazil would step up and become the new economic, and by extension military, powers of the world.

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    9 years ago

    USA will do nothing except some hollow cry.

    This because of the following reasons:

    (1) Both China and Pakistan are adversaries to USA. China and Pakistan destroying each other is one of the heavenly things USA could ever dreamt of.

    (2) Military action on China is totally impossible for USA and NATO. Because, they can not afford a war so close to China or in its soil. With a huge military, China can continue the war for half a century (Vietnam war lasted for 20 years).

    Another possibility is to assist Pakistan. But they can never win the war in that way either. Soviet war in Afghanistan continued 10 years only because afghans had some grounds to hold. In case of Chinese invasion, Pakistan will be left with no ground therefore has a zero chance of survival.

    (3) USA (and its henchman EU) would like to put some sanctions on China. But, that would be one of the worst things they could ever imagined of. Because, China has a heavy influence on world economy and trade. Moreover China is one of the prime trading partners of USA. So ultimately they will have to back off.

    This boils down to one thing, combination of military and economic power enables one to do anything.

    Soviet Union had military power alone, so it collapsed.

    Japan has a strong treasury alone, so they do not dear to inflict any war.

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  • Exco
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    9 years ago

    1 - If China goes to war to anybody - it'd be India, where the REAL border disputes lie

    2 - China is an ally of Pakistan to counter American presence in India, the f**k would they fight each other when they have common opponents?

    3 - China can't attack US - they're making too much money together.

    4 - China don't need to attack India - China is in every sense, slightly more developed than India.

    5 - Wars waste money, which is the complete opposite of EARNING money.

    Where are you living in, an imaginary mirror world where reality is turned up-side down?

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Most of the world would support China.

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    9 years ago

    They would send troops their to defeat the Chinese army and if they had enough confidence they would claim Pakistan as their own and try and invade some of China.

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  • 9 years ago

    China is my friend. Lol

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