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What's the value added sale tax in Mexico city?

Is it included in the price? or is it added on top of the retail price/shelf price?

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    The IVA (impuesto sobre valor agregado) or value added tax is 16%. It is always included within the price.

    edit: thumbs down? really? surely from someone who doesn't even live here and therefore would not know

    Source(s): I live in Mexico City
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  • Goodie
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    8 years ago

    Taxes do not get applied to individual items. IVA appears at the bottom of a bill and is 16% of taxable items. There is a flat tax for most and that is nationwide.@16%. The system has been in place in Europe for years.

    That is what IVA stands for , it is an acronym for Impuestos valores agregada. It is not only the sales tax figure but applies to business and anyone that declares income from a business as in restaurants and the like.

    Supermarkets , for example, buy from a manufacturer after the value added gross margin and the gov gets that @16% and it`s only on taxable items. Some German industrialist came up with the concept in 1954.

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  • Chia B
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    8 years ago

    16% which is already added to the shelf price

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