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Question for all you girls out there please be honest?

me and her used to go out then she got back together with her ex who lives out west. in feb her step dad tryed to rape her so she moved out west with her ex she has a kid that she had at 15 she is 26 now not with the same guy. But when she was almost raped she called me first out of family and ex. then a month later i got mad at her and text her saying that she is a s lut, and that she is going to be like her mother and that her son is going to hate her she hasn't talk to me since. i tryed emailing her on facebook she blocked me. I tryed texting her she changed her number. On oct7.2011 was her birthday so i left at her grandma's house a card, a teddybear with my voice on it saying happy birthday, i miss you i'm sorry. I left flowers the next day her aunt came to my house and told me to leave her alone she doesn't wany anything to do with if this is your finally warning or we will goto the cops. The day after that i came home and the flowers i left for her were all over my ex but the other stuff wasn't with it. but I just found out she had a baby in feb. so i'm guessing they had sex with her ex but i don't get how she could do that if she was almost raped before. what should I do wait for her to come around and be there for her or do think she is going threw a hard time right now and made a mistake do you think she was taken advantage of by her ex or vulnerable. She's been out west with ex for a year and a couple months now

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    Im, not a girl. But bro leave her the **** alone. If she doesn't want to be with you, then so be it. Think about the **** you said to her during or nearing the time of her rape. your an idiot. pce

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