Piaget's cognitive theory vs Vygotsky's theory - similarities and differences?

Piaget's cognitive developmental theory was based on four stages starting from birth: Sensorimotor (learning reflexes at birth such as cooing and sucking), preoperational (beginning to represent objects by images, still egocentric with thinking, and lack object permanence), concrete stage (beginning to learn to solve things mentally, etc) and Formal.

Vygotsky's sociocultural theory is based on the development within a culture (is that correct)?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Two methods of approach or approximation to the understanding of a specific level and qualitativly original form of being, the individual social being as a social activity and more specifically as an individual social activity. And how the cognitive development is a social development out of the natural aspect of being. Both worked on it and both are really good in their conclusions. In the end both had a handle on the duality problems of the individual social being as the subject of psychological activity gets further in argument and method towards understanding this extremely complex problem.

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    It has a different name.

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