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Science quick question! Instant ten points!?

If you went into a pond and collected all the living things,which life forms would have the greatest mass?

All of the flies and mosquitoes

All of the fish and frogs

All of the plants and plankton

All of the bacteria

Also, the most significant cause of the loss of biodiversity is

Habitat loss


Invasive species



If you can please include why u chose the answers! Thanks!

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    my gut instinct is to say that bacteria would have the greatest mass, this is because that all multicellular living things have a significant amount of bacteria inside of them. however, i am not that familiar with pond ecosystems, apart from the time i spend fishing them. if this is a question for a class the answer is likely plants and plankton, both of which are clearly visible in the pond ecosystem. and occur in large numbers. to attempt to answer your second question, i assume you are also talking about a pond environment? if that is the case pollution plays a major role. apart from all the nasty things you usually hear about pollution with the polar bears being pissed of and all. in a pond ecosystem pollution will have a major effect on both fish and amphibians. a very small amount of pollution can drastically affect amphibians and has caused them to be considered a thermometer of ecological health. fish are also affected strongly by pollution and endure disturbing mutations and killings sue to various types pf pollution

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