Can someone in the office or group work environment help me determine this situation (please help 10 points)?

Im doing a project management task on a small scale and we have been making great progress all putting in as we can. I have one group member who Im not sure has a problem with me. Last week we met up to discuss and work on the next steps and tasks for our assignment and each person was granted tasks to be done for this coming Wednesday. I was responsible for updating the WBS (work break down structure) originally completed based on our new updated baseline, schedule, cost, resource plan etc. Hence I have to wait for everyone to be done and receive message updates.

So I checked my inbox over the weekend and just today I see emails of which another group member who couldnt show up for last weeks meeting had been re-granted my WBS update task by the individual who I feel has a problem with me. Everyone else in the group I know from previous and have hung out with there is no issue with them. I just find it odd that this has happened; hence I sent out a general email: " It was my understanding that I would be updating the WBS as soon as resources, cost and the baseline was completed and edited. From what I have read **** has taken over that task. Are we done here? Is there anything else that needs to be done please let me know?"

Of which the person I speak of gave this response: "Ooops. Sorry. That was my fault. Should have made minutes of our meeting and distributed them. I'm not sure if we are done. Anyone?" - He is up to date with whats happening cause I have seen the recent correspondence.

Coincidentally this is after he asked if we could "work together on the resource plan at his home after 9pm since he was busy in the afternoon and the libraries are closed his wife wouldnt mind" *we live in the same town*; we had already started within the group meeting and I said I wasnt available for Sunday but that he should send me anything he is having trouble with and half of the resource plan that is stated on my version 1 WBS for me to do. (I also didnt feel comfortable coming to his home but I didnt say that though I think I made this obvious in body language in a timid manner).

He is in his late 40's and I'm in my early 20's. This is the second time I have picked up on him being also very observant of me and will occasionally stare at my body language. I'm honestly not one to over-think things but Im starting to believe something is up. He is the oldest of all group members and I don't know if he is asking for a generation Y trolling, if I pissed him off or something?... I have put in just as much work as everyone thus far and people have been satisfied with my performance.

What should I do?


@ Michael: Thanks. I declined meeting him I couldnt cause I was busy nor do I plan to do any group work in private with him at his home ever. |What I need help on is this situation effecting the group work ethics and if this is the beginning of *sabotage* scenarios. The rest of the group wont be mad at me cause they have missed milestone tasks before but I just dont like what this guy maybe trying to do.

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    Whatever you do, don't go to his house. If he can only meet at night, find a neutral place, like a diner or coffee shop. It could be totally innocent, but if it isn't, you want witnesses nearby.

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