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Best Car For Teenager | Safe, Reliable, Cheap (<$2000)?

What are some good, reliable, and cheap cars for a teenager.


-4 doors (cheaper insurance + room for friends)

-fuel efficient

-under $2500

I was thinking Toyota Camry, Honda Accord or the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla

I like them all and my friend drives a 91' Camry with 400 xxx km and it's seems to be running strong although the only thing deterring me from buying a Camry is the fuel efficiency. Is it a big difference say a Camry 95' and a Civic 95' fuel economy.

Any others? Thanks guys :)

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    9 years ago
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    I would suggest going to for better information and then deciding on the perfect(?) car.

  • 9 years ago

    You'r looking at the right brands n models.

    Camry would be fine, but I'd get at least a '96 bc that's when manufacturers started using the OBD-II computer diagnostic system. W/o that, probs can be harder to diagnose.

    Try to have a Toyota dealer check it out b4 buying.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My own best auto still is in my own garage. Purchased a 2001 Highlander Brief, 6 cyl, every one of the wheel drive, unique.. Today has 119,000 kilometers and additionally has|and has now} never given me personally the minimum chunk of trouble. Played routine maintanance, changed wear items and additionally which is it. Has never broke down, have never additionally changed a light bulb. Nevertheless since comfortable and additionally nice since unique. A/C nevertheless since cold since ever, in reality, have never touched the A/C in driving over 500K kilometers in 2 Toyota pickups and additionally the|and then the|plus the} Highlander. Great car!

    Source(s): my self
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    once you're relating the unique Charger coupes from 1966 to 1971, not so solid--even the NASCAR communities had a super white of a difficulty keeping the 426 Hemi interior the race returned interior the day; the Hemi layout pushed the strain limits of the RB block, and a great variety of mandatory aftermarket enhancements to serious factors interior the lubrication equipment, the valvetrain, &c. in assessment, the 2006-latest sedans (individually, i might have named those sedans Polara, after the mythical stay sparkling of police autos of previous, and utilized the Charger call to a shortened-to-one hundred ten" WB coupe structurally based on the sedan) are very sturdy, pulling an universal to greater applicable-than-universal score at shoppers Union.

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