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Best time to look for seats on Southwest web site?

Yesterday afternoon at work (shhh) I found a flight on Southwest, I went home to book it and the price was almost 300 dollars more expensive. What's up with that???? I know airfare fluctuates a lot, is there a best time to search for tickets? (and please don't say "yesterday afternoon at work! LOL)

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    Some folks claim the best date is a Wednesday, but the reality is that it's best to just keep your eyes peeled for the best prices on your own. Good prices show up (and disappear quickly) all the time. My best advice to you would be to go to one of the numerous sites that offer lower cost ticketing (Kayak, Priceline, Expedia, etc.) and select the "Notify me of low fares" option. On some of these sites, you can ask them to notify you when they have a fare (for example) to Orlando, Florida below $200 and they e-mail you a notice when the fare drops below your target price.

    Personally, when I'm shopping for a low fare on flights, I check Yahoo Travel, then check a few of the individual airlines. Remarkably, even when SouthWest has a low fare, some of the other airlines have even lower fares.


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    Actually all airlines basically work the same way, first they allot certain number of tickets under certain fare. Of course the cheapest ones get sold first, and once they are sold out, they're gone forever, and the next purchaser need to pay more. And if the airline detects a great demand they might increase the fares right away. Air ticket prices are always based on supply and demand. The best time is to book ASAP, although some people say Tuesday night to Wednesday is the best time too.

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    call the airport you want to depart from and ask for the southwest airlines desk (or a different airline if southwest dosent have any) and ask about "flying standby" to vegas, they will tell you if there are any flights that are not booked to capacity. if there are a seat can often be had at a big discount, but there is no guarantee that you will get on that plane/flight as passengers paying full price have priority, but if one flight is full you can just wait for the next because the standby ticket is usually good until you find a flight thats not full... ive only had to wait for another flight on 1 trip, it was only a couple hours and they even gave me a voucher for a free meal at the food court.

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    Airlines sell tickets in blocks and the earlier you buy, typically the lower the price. Once the cheaper seats are sold out, the more expensive seats are sold. There is no best time to buy airline tickets. You can have airlines such as Southwest alert of fare sales.

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    you look for wanta to get away fares they would the fare on the far right

    here example

    using Kansas city to Tampa[ in april]

    8:00 AM 11:40 AM 2519


    the first fare we see ia $497 this what southwest calls Business Select fare

    then next fare we see is $475- southwest calls anytime fare

    then last but not least we have fare of Web Only! for $130 this is Wanna Get Away fare

    this is all on the same flight

    also remember southwest does not assign seats

  • Dash
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    The best time to purchase is early. The sooner you purchase the better fare you will get. The "wanna get away fare" it their cheapest fare. It was probably still available when you looked at work. As a flight sells out the cost goes up. You just waited too long.

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