Describe some weather weirdos ?

Not people ! I mean weird events like lightnng in snow (its green) or a tornado inside a tornado (it just happened near my house and was an F4. Or ball lightning ?

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    9 years ago
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    Cold season...


    Slantwise convection

    Warm season...

    Backward propagating thunderstorms (storms move upwind)

    Training (thunderstorms regenerate over the same location)


    Fujiwara effect (pirouetting cyclones)

    Wall cloud replacement cycles


    Kelvin-Helmholtz instability

    Von Karmen swirls

    Source(s): Meteorologist.
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    Green clouds "before a tornado".

    Take a look at the source, it explains some theories on why. But I say "before a tornado" because it doesn't correlate with a tornado as much as it does cloud conditions. Again, take a look at the source.

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    My most psychedelic weather experience is when I was alone on my little sailboat, at night, in the fog and a thunderstorm developed over the fog. It scattered the lightning in all directions while dolphins (I was in the Bay of Biscay) were tracing paths across my bow in fluorescent plankton. It was in 1995.

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    Sunday I watched a supercell ingest another supercell. It was amazing! A little while later I watched it produce at least 2 tornadoes. Gorgeous storm.

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  • 9 years ago

    this makes no sense

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