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Do men tend to lose out when they're younger and women tend to lose out when they're older?

It seems like a certain percentage of guys lose out when they're younger cause a lot of young women all want to be in the harem of the same small number of 'top men'. This means some guys get left out. But when women get older they're less attractive and can't get attention from top men anymore. Then they lose out.



Men care more about looks, women have other criteria. So when women are young and good looking they have it better than young, good looking guys. But it doesn't hurt men so much if they're not as good looking e.g. when they get older.

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    That isn't true for everybody and is just an unfair generalisation, there are plenty of young girls who go for ordinary young guys. Also a lot of men age quicker and lose their looks, so may not be as attractive to women anymore.

    While a lot of older women remain attractive for many years, just look at Kylie Minogue, she's in her 40's now and isn't unattractive. So don't generalise people and look at the bigger picture.

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