Can anyone help me with my trip to the U.K.?

I am planning a trip to London, England this summer and would appreciate any suggestions anyone might have on what to do/see while I am there. I don't mean the run-of-the-mill typical touristy things. I am looking for the hidden gems. The little-known places to go in and around the city (and/or area) and the things to see and do that maybe only the locals would know about. Suggestions for restaurants/bars, attractions, adventures, etc. would be great. Please keep in mind that I'm working on a budget.

I will be subletting an apartment whiile there, so I would also appreciate a heads-up about the areas of the city that are a little sketchy and that I maybe should avoid.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :o)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Avoid most of east London and areas of south east London like Peckham, Elephant & Castle,

    Camberwell, New Cross.

    Little gems: Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath. Great collection of English art and beautiful landscaped gardens. Underground Northern Line to Archway or Golders Green then 210 bus

    Chelsea Physic Garden, Kings Road, Chelsea

    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

  • 9 years ago

    There are Books on the "Hidden" London- suggest you go to a book store or Library

    there are also many websites

    It's hard to know what to tell you as we don't know What your interests are. Art? History? Music?

    Two lesser know places that I liked were the Museum of Childhood & the Pollock's Toy Museum- but then I at the age where I like Nostalgia.

    Also a Free & Fun thing to do is see a UK TV or Radio show recorded- but you need to get ticket before hand

    I am assuming you Know all about the Olympics coming to London in the summer and that accommodations will be harder to find and cost more.

    ( I had a harder time than usual finding a B& B for late april/early may)

  • 9 years ago

    The Shady Old Lady website has lots of quirky things to see. Click on links on the right for information.

    Time Out has lots of suggestions on all sorts of things.

    As for where to avoid, most of the main attractions are near the centre. Just do as you would at home and stick to where there are lots of people. Just because an area has a bad reputation, doesn't mean that there aren't interesting things to see. Just go in daylight rather than at night if you are heading towards the suburbs.

    Invest in an Oyster card for travel See third link for information, maps and journey planner. You can order a card before you arrive, but you will be able to get one easily when you are here.

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