What should I do about my SAT score ?

Okay so I took the March 10th SAT and my proctor was a ******* retard...she didn't ever let us know how much time was left. I looked at the clock and thought I had 5 minutes during my essay but soon found out that it was actually 60 seconds because she was using her laptop time. So i was like ok ill be find on the other sections....wrong

Apparently then the clock was just like her laptop time but I still wasnt sure how much time we had left finally after the 4rd section shes like that clock is messed up so dont follow it..and then she was like oh I forgot to read off how much time you had left. I was so pissed that I messed up those sections.

However, Idk if I really did that bad on those sections (not including the essay) Idk what to do because if I didnt do bad then I dont want my scores to be canceled but if I did terribly then I want them canceled....so do I email someone and talk to the board or w.e

Any help/advice is appreciated...please and thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    You usually file a complaint with the test supervisor at the test center at which you took the test, but I'm not sure if it's too late now for you to do so since that's usually a procedure to be done the day of the test. It does sound like a very legitimate complaint however.

    The College Board site says,

    "Test Center Complaints

    If you have a complaint about the test center or testing conditions, send us a letter explaining your complaint. Your scores could be delayed while your complaint is investigated."

    The address is below:

    SAT Program

    Test Administration Services

    1425 Lower Ferry Road

    Ewing, NJ 08628

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    4 years ago

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