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Can you survive a knife wound to the stomach if the knife is kept in?(Best answer will be chosen quickly)?

What chance of survival do they have if they kept the knife in 10-100%. What are things you can do to prolong this persons life until help comes. What if the ambulance came 5 minutes afterwards and they're rushed quickly to the emergency room. Are stomach wounds very serious? Could you end up dying from a stomach wounds if you were unhealthy to begin with? Any stories?

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    well if you keep it in and move you might actually further harm other organs and innerds. So i would remove it, except if the item is barbed (knives could be) but i tihnk youd realize that. If you take it out apply pressure and do things to try reduce blood loss. staying conscience would be another battle of its self deeping on how severe the wound is.

    You could die from blood loss if an artery is hit, if they actually hit your stomach that would also be unpleasant considering the strength of stomach acid. Then you may die if major organs are damaged. but the larger and more body fat the person has in theory reduces the chance of actually puncturing things.

    so some fractors to take it would be the persons size, the length of the blade and how close you were to help.

    uhm if you were hemophiliac you could die from minor things, i guess it just depends on what ailment you have. If you're weaker you might even drift into a coma, but that could happen to anyone really.

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  • Frog
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    If you are going to stab yourself do it near a hospital, idiot.

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  • Ms V-
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    8 years ago

    You keep asking this and that's very scary.

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