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Great Gatsby Help? "Discus the idea of society's attitude to corruption as seen in Tom's adultery."?

This is a question towards Tom's adultery, but I need to write about society's out take on corruption in this modern world. Please help ? :$

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    well i don't quite understand what your asking but i'll try

    Tom's affair is not a secret, Jordan tells nick he 'has some woman in New York' (which is a very possessive way of phrasing it as if he owns her) and Tom even wants to show her off "I want you to meet my girl" (again my shows he thinks he owns Myrtle)

    Interestingly though they sit on different carriages on the train so not to offend the "sensibilities of the East Eggers who might be on the train" So a bit of a double standard, he is still trying to act the part of perfect husband to his old money friends

    Hope that helps, feel free to ask me something else @Quotecompanion on twitter or check out my site bellow

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