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what did Canada contribute on world war 1?

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    Unlike the above, Canada was in WW1 from the start in 1914, again in WW2 in it from the start by free will not happy with what was going on in the world and willing to get involved.

    Among the contributions Canadians made was being among the first to suffer a new weapon used by Germany - the gas attack. Cept unlike others the Canadians didn't cut and run, they held the line.

    Canadian infantrymen were on the Western Front in January 1915 and in March the 1st Canadian Division took part in the Battle of Neuve Chapelle. In April Canadians fought in the Second Battle of Ypres, where they were subjected to the Germans' first use of gas.

    When the 2nd Division arrived in France, the Canadian Corps was formed, later expanded by the addition of the 3rd Division. From April to August 1916 the corps fought in the defence of Ypres, until it moved to fight in the Battle of the Somme. On 9th April 1917 it captured Vimy Ridge, which had withstood all attacks for two years. Though this victory cost the Canadian Corps 10,000 casualties, it was certainly a great military success, and ensured that Vimy Ridge would later be chosen as the site of Canada's National Memorial.

    Canadian soldiers met with success in August 1917, taking Hill 70, north of Arras. After being transferred to the Ypres front, the Canadians took the previously impregnable objective of Passchendaele on 6th November 1917 suffering 15,000 casualties in the process. In March 1918 cavalry and motorized machine-gun units of the Canadian Corps helped hold the line at Amiens, when the Germans launched their last big offensive. Then the Canadians formed the spearhead of the thrust between Hourges and Villers-Bretonneux, afterwards returning to the Arras area.

    On 2nd September 1918, seven Canadians earned the Victoria Cross in exceptionally fierce fighting. The corps attacked across the Canal du Nord, forcing the Germans back to the Hindenburg Line, which was broken on the 27th of that month. On 9th October they took Cambrai. During the period between mid-August to mid October, the Canadians had suffered over 30,000 casualties killed, wounded, or captured.

    In the air Canadians excelled in aerial combat. In providing many members of the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal Naval Air Service and later the Royal Air Force, Canada made a great contribution in this field. More than 23,000 Canadian airmen served with British Forces and over 1,500 died. The Commonwealth's highest scoring airman to survive the war was a Canadian: Lieutenant Colonel W.A. Bishop VC, with 72 victories.

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    As far as I know, Canada did not cause the First World War. In fact, because it was part of the British Empire, and bound by the decisions made in London, it did not even have a meaningful choice on whether to be involved. If Britain went to war, all the dominions went along for the ride, whether they wanted to or not. This changed in 1931, when the Statute of Westminister was enacted, as that statute deprived the British Parliament from making laws that any binding force in Canada or any of the other self-governing dominions. Thus, when England declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939, during the Second World War, that had no binding force in Canada. Canada, however, decalred war on Germany on its own, on September 10, 1939, mostly to show their solidarity with Great Britain.

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    Was Canada In Ww1

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    Canada sent 600,000 troops as I recall. About 60,000 of them got killed. That was allot for a country with only ( about) 8 million people.

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    What's a Canada?

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