What type of transaxle fluid is used for a 2008 Toyota camry?

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  • 9 years ago
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    2GR-FE (V6 Engine) - WS ATF

    2AZ-FE (4cyl Engine) - WS ATF or Dextron IV ATF

    The 4Cyl in the 2007-2008 was in a transition phase and the only way to tell is by looking at the dipstick. A red dipstick handle means it is Dextron IV ATF and a black one means it is WS ATF, the information is also stamped on the metal part of the dipstick on the 4cyl. A V6 does not have a dipstick and requires a dealership tool to fill it to the proper amount as it is done with a scan tool.

    Source(s): Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician - Master ASE Technician
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