If the EPL is so good, why do English teams fail so often in the Champions League?

We are continually being brainwashed that the English Premiership is the best and richest league in football. Take Manchester United out of the equation, why is it then that the percentage of English teams that even reach the semi-finals is so low compared to other countries?


"Apocolypse"..... who said the EPL is the most impressive.....? I didn't!

I said we are continually BEING BRAINWASHED that the EPL is the best and richest in the world........

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  • 9 years ago
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    -Well city have the cancer that is carlos tevez, and had quite a few injuries.

    -Man U are inconsistent with that aging lineup and their hapless backline

    -Chelski just went through civil war and poor tactics that were costing them in the PL, but they always had enough talent to push through Europe imo.

    -Liverpool is trying to smash square pegs in round holes, they squandered far too much cash and it's gone all wrong for them.

    -We all know about Arsenal but they've pushed through the turmoil and are on great form now.

    The result is mostly poor European performance, but a smaller point gap between places in the PL. That's why EPL is so exciting, the quality in the teams is much closer than La liga.

    And that's from a barca/newcastle fan!

    So hows about this, Newcastle clinch their champions league birth and make a deep run into next season's CL! That'll show you how good the EPL is!

  • 9 years ago

    I think EPL is very consistent every year in premier league but this year is another story! Man United had some of their squad retired and depends on their youngsters which is still lack of experience in champions league! Same happened in Man City! In arsenal, they're not consistent each year and so is Chelsea! Chelsea was so close to be knocked out by Napoli!

    Source(s): EPL teams are just shadowed by the duo Spanish Giants (real madrid and barcelona)
  • 4 years ago

    no one can compete with Barcelona and actual Madrid at the same time as it involves money. they are no longer in basic terms football golf equipment anymore, they are international agencies. regrettably many communities are going that course and all that's doing is killing the game. I omit the days the position football golf equipment were in basic terms football golf equipment, and they attracted accurate gamers in accordance with their heritage, status, skills, and philosophy, no longer in accordance with how a lot money they promised the participant. It actually disgusts me how particular communities have inflated the marketplace, decrease back in 1984 Maradona joined Napoli for a then list value of in straightforward words 6 million pounds, quick ahead in straightforward words 17 years and actual Madrid pay a list value of about 75 million Euros for Zidane, quick ahead 9 years and actual Madrid again pay 80 million pounds for C. Ronaldo. how on earth might want to the marketplace inflate so exponentially in the kind of quick era of time?

  • 9 years ago

    How is the PL most impressive? Spain and Italy have a better winning percentage than England! There is a reason England is so terrible in World Cups and Euros

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    9 years ago

    because liverpool weren't playing there without liverpool epl team willn't be able to perform

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    9 years ago

    what u talking about?

    this season is just a blip i reckon.

    of all the leagues, english has been the most impressive

  • unlucky this year

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