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Favorite Pirate Crew In One Piece?

Please be descriptive and detailed while telling why

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    hm.... that's a tough one isn't it

    well, not including the strawhats because there's sooo many reasons why they are the best, coolest and awesomest but i would have to say that the Whitebeard Pirates are pretty awesome

    the reason is that Ace joined it and Whitebeard had a touching relationship with all his crew members. Plus the epicness that Whitebeard showed in the war was crazy and he died in a way that a real man does, standing up straight and tall... woot!!!!

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  • Wind
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    8 years ago

    strawhats for the win!

    all of members are very interesting. I don't mean other crews are not interesting or something. strawhats is the only one that draws my all attention from it was found. by reading this manga, we know how it develops to the one today we see from just Luffy with a wine bucket. strawhats is special.

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  • 8 years ago

    the straw hats ofcourse

    1. their the main characters and i like to follow the main characters

    2. their my favorite characters

    3. they all have different dreams.

    Source(s): me myself and i, GOMU GOMU NO BAZOOKA
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  • 8 years ago

    Buggy's crew.

    Source(s): The comic reliefs IN a comic relief. How badd-ass is that?
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