how hard is ap. math in grade 9?

I am going into grade 9 next year and i usually get straight a's every year but i struggle in math a bit. i got in the 80's for math last term report card. so i don't know if i should take ap math. I'm taking ap. english cause it's my favourite subject in grade 10 but i just don't know if i should take ap math. So, how hard is it in canada? And do u think i should take it? thx!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ap calculus or ap statistics?

    Assuming that you have met all the prerequisites, both classes should be doable, but you might want to spend more time on math if you're going to take those classes.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    seventh grade became fairly relaxing. boring yet relaxing. The instructions weren't inevitably difficult. each thing became ok. correct to the AP math, that sounds difficult. study difficult, and shop up and you ought to do advantageous. French grade 9 isn't difficult in any respect. I actual have a organic allure to french classification, and that i'm telling you, in case you artwork difficult and attempt to do greater constructive than you will be triumphant.

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