IS YOUR CHILD AUTISTIC??? I need some support/advice?

My daughter is undergoing assessments for Autism. She would be classified as "High-Functioning" but has major problems with socialization, play, and speech. I am just feeling overwhelmed with it all right now. I completed 17 pages front and back of questions, met with the DR, speech therapists, occupational therapists and more. Her school is turning the blind eye on this and actually telling the Dr's that she has no concerns. They are literally lying to Dr's saying she has been seen playing/talking to kids when she hasn't. At school they completed a DISC test and gave her points even though she didn't do the question.

There's so many questions and I feel almost like I'm seeing things, or its a dream. I keep questioning myself like "does she really have these symptoms" or "am i reading too much into things".

Did you ever feel like that during your child's assessments? And how long did the whole assessment take. What stuff did they do, etc??


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    9 years ago
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    I have 2 brothers with Apergers and 1 with moderate to severe autism (and other conditions as well). My brothers with Aspergers (HFA/mild autism) had assessments that took about 8 hours or so over 2 days. My parents had these big packets to fill out before the appointments and the school had to fill them out as well. The people assessing them had them complete some tasks with blocks (colored blocks and trying to copy a sequence), matching, receptive and expressive verbal abilities, memorization, modeling and then doing some tests on paper. They both hated it. My more severe brother is almost untestable.

    The school does not want to be bothered by having to provide supports and you want all the supports that you can.

    I know my brothers with Aspergers were upset by the diagnosis but when they got the diagnosis they were able to recieve services in the USA via the Americans with Disabilities Act. They got the help they needed. My mother was VERY upset when my younger brother was diagnosed but we knew something was wrong from the time he was about 18 months old so while she was upset they at least had a name and could begin therapy.

    If the school says she has no problems then this is very simple at least here in the USA. You video tape her. You get a psychologist to back you up and you video tape her. If they won't let you do that then there is a problem. We video tape all of my brothers (and actually another brother was suspected of having it because hes a little geeky but his diagnosis was that he was basically just geeky) and then my parents and their learning teams assess their progress, regressions (if any), areas to work on, areas that are about as good as they will get etc.

    It is overwhelming now I am sure but just wait until you get it all finished. Tell the doctor you believe the school was not forthcoming and that you would like your daughter video taped.

    Source(s): 3 brothers with ASD I tutor autistic kids I work in an autistic summer camp I volunteer in an autistic summer school I am active in our local autism group
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    I have autism, myself, and my assessments were not very intensive. I never took any tests; I just spoke to a psychologist, played chess with her, and answered questions. My parents did fill out a lot of paperwork, though, on my behavior and the like. I later learned my teachers were asked about it as well.

    You're biased when it comes to your own daughter, and so is the school---but biased in opposite ways. You need to try to be honest with yourself. It's important to ask yourself questions about whether your daughter really has a symptom or whether you're reading too much into it: getting a diagnosis can affect her for life. But be willing to stand up to the school as well; if you really do think your daughter has a certain symptom then don't be afraid to say so.

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    Uhm, I'm autistic. Well, aaah I was tested when I was baby so.. yeah :3 They look into alot of things because autism is quite hard to diagnose. So, it would be good to look into ;school work, brain-scan, and I think they will just generally observe behavior. The school doesn't have that much input because they observe alot of things really :3 Uhm.. I think the assessment takes quite long. This probably wasnt very helpful, but.. yeah they look at alot of things. Don't worry about the school not getting your child diagnose because they look into ALOT of things, it's hard to tell what things it varies on the situation.

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    Have you considered putting your daughter on Probiotics? They have known to be very effective to help with Autism. You can read more about the technical side of Autism and Probiotics here.

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