Does WinRAR Have a Virus?

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I downloaded WinRAR about a year ago up till then it seemed to be working fine. When i decided to check if i had the latest sevice pack for windows xp, all my RAR files started to more
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Winrar is safe, but malware could have infected it. Crapafee didn't find anything, because it couldn't find malware if it were under it's "nose," so to speak. Get a good AV, but take these steps first:

1. Run rkill, just download to the desktop, and double click the icon. No need to install. Read the description, not much to read. Delete when done, you can't update it:

2. After rkill has run successfully, install, and run a full scan with MBAM, it's free. Decline the free trial on install, you should keep this program:

Now find a good AV, and run a full scan with it. I suggest Avira free, it is a very good AV, much better than crapafee:

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Thank You SO Much!!!!! You were a Big help and I found what the problem was.
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  • Grim Reaper answered 2 years ago
    you have a problem and the only way to stop is reboot hole computer and start over ,just keep what you need from files , before you start and it will clear all files you do not use any more and your computer will run just like new just means you have to spend 3 hours doing full reboot
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  • samuel answered 2 years ago
    UNINSTALL THE WINRAR with pro advanced uninstaller <> then install 7zip from <> then set it as default for all ur rar files, also mak sure your antivirus is working perfectly. for beta antivirus goto:
    hope this helps.

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  • Anurag C answered 2 years ago
    try avast trial version
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  • Nick Diggers answered 2 years ago
    Get Nortton

    I have Winrar, I have for years. I use it for Minecraft mods, works perfectly.

    And erm... That sucks for you.
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