How do i register my dog both parents are kc reg?

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i have breeders name but no reg number
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Well, if your breeder stated the parents were both kc (? what kc?) registered, then the breeder should have been willing to give you COPIES of both parents' registration papers. If the breeder refuses to give you copies, or "can't remember" where they are, chances are the registration is a LIE!

With only the breeder's name, you CAN contact the appropriate kennel club (if you know the full name of the kennel club) and ask them if this breeder has a registered dog with "this" name.

For you to register the pup, the owners of the b!tch need to have gotten papers on the litter when they were born. I have the litter papers on my first male, but chose not to register him. I was also given copies of BOTH parent's papers. Reputable breeders whose dogs are registered are good about giving you the pup's litter paper and copies of parents' papers. Lack of information and papers usually means the parents are not really registered in spite of claims that they are. -!-
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  • anwen55 answered 2 years ago
    You can't. Only the breeder of your dog can register him.
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  • LindsayB Is Back answered 2 years ago
    A reputable breeder would have registered the litter, and then given you the individual puppy's certificate, to register with the kennel club. If you didn't get one, most likely the litter wasn't registered. Should have done some research prior to purchasing a pup. Most likely, you've purchased a pup from some scrumbag backyard greeder. What does the breeder's contract state? OOPS, again, probably not a contract. Probably no hip or health guarantee either?
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  • Ocimom answered 2 years ago
    If the breeder never gave you an individual registration slip then you cannot register your dog. The litter had to have been registered first. Contact the breeder. IMO it was a backyard breeder since reputable breeders would have given you a slip when you got your puppy.
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
    are you sure they are a registered breeder? the reason i'm asking is THEY should have already registered the pup for you .... give the kennel club a call 0844 463 3980
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  • Ashley answered 2 years ago
    That's one crappy breeder. they should give you copies ASAP.
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