Where are all my Firefox files?? Emsisoft made them disappear!!!!?

I just installed Emsisoft malware program, and it seems to have messed my computer up royally!! I lost all my Firefox files completely - they don't even show when i try to search for them... several other programs have also vanished, as well as the control bar along the bottom of the screen - so i can't even uninstall it!! Ideally, i'd like to get back to the system configuration before i installed this malicious program. Is this possible? Will my Firefox files return? I can't even use my Yahoo! Messenger... why does this program even exist, let alone come highly recommended?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Which system setup are you using..use system restore..go back to the setup you had before you installed Emsisoft...then uninstall it, take out all traces use Revo uninstaller its free..

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