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What are your favourite Leonardo Dicaprio movies?

Movies with Leonardo Dicaprio are always interesting

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    So yeah, basically I like all films with Leo, ya know he's one of my favourite actors in da planet. I would say Titanic, Shutter Island, Inception,Who Eat Gilbert's Grape, The Revolutionary Road. Yeah, Basically these are my favourite films, so

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  • The Departed.

    I've wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to be shot in the face since Titanic. And it finally happened!

    Though in all seriousness. He's one of my favorite actors and I loved him in This Boy's Life, The Departed and Gangs of New York the most. I do like Titanic, because I love good quality CGI and disaster but I'd like it despite him being in it.

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    I love Inception and Shutter Island! Hes also really great on Titanic but i think everyone knows that! ;) I also really like that cowboy movie hes in when hes really young i think its called The Quick and the Dead.

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  • 8 years ago

    Inception, Shutter Island and Titanic!

    Yeah, Leo is the best :)

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    I think I best liked The Beach, Catch Me if You Can, and the Aviator. Inception was pretty good too, but tried too hard I think.

    But I did think that Critters 3 was everything I'd hoped it would be, too ^,‿,^

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    these i think were his best roles an the ones where he wasn't just the hot guy from titanic

    Shutter island

    whats eating Gilbert grape

    the man in the iron mask

    the departed

    an of course ......titanic :)

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    8 years ago

    What's eating Gilbert Grape.

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    What's Eating Gilbert Grape is my favorite

  • Shart
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    8 years ago

    I agree, Shutter Island is my favorite but obviously titanic and inception were great..

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