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I want to know about vancouver, john rochard have heard a lot about vancouver canada?

I want to know more about this game, i have heard a lot about this game so please give more info. about the game and who is john rochard . Is he the hero and from where he belongs is it vancouver.

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    Review: Rochard- A Unique Platforming Adventure

    6 Jan 2012... and some of the best voiceovers I've heard, this game really has a lot to offer.

    Gameplay. In the game you play as John Rochard, a laid back ... - Cached - SimilarPromoter's charitable fundraising ventures burn ... - Vancouver Sun

    4 Feb 2012 ... The year was 2008, and the suitor was John Byron Rochard. ... He wore

    expensive suits and bragged about having his own designer label. ... its inception

    , said in an interview this week that he has never heard of Rochard. - Cached - Similarrock is hard john rochard is harder than rock game king from ...

    john rochard was born in 1968. john currently lives in vancouver, on . before that

    .... the odds of winning the lottery would be a lot better if joan ginther would stop

    buying all the good tickets. by now you may have heard of the las vegas resident. - Cached - Similar

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