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Will Beijing ever host the olympics again?

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    It is possible the Olympics have been in London before and also Athens, and Los Angeles.

    Normally the IOC wants to move the Games to different parts of the world rather than staying in the same area, so they are not on the same continent let alone the same country or city, but it happens.

  • 9 years ago

    There is a very strong likelihood they will host the Olympic games again. Look at the history of the Olympics London is hosting it's 3rd Olympics. Here is a list of cities that have held the games twice Athens, Los Angeles, Paris, Lake Placid, Innsbruck and St Moritz. For those people answering that there are 200+ countries they have to realize that around 170 of those countries don't have the financial resources to host an event of the magnitude of the Olympics. China spent $40 billion dollars to host the games they do have the fininancial resources and Beijing already has the infrastructure. I think they will likely host the games sometime in the 2030's or 40's.

  • 9 years ago

    No, the summer olympics happen 25 times per century. There are simply too many cities for Beijing to get it within the next few hundred years. China may get another olympics within the next 50, but don't count on it being in Beijing.

  • Matt
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    I believe there are 206 countries in the world (ie not a thousand). China is a big country so I see them having another Olympics sometime this century but not in Beijing. It would not be unprecedented though (London, Paris, Los Angeles, etc) so you never know for sure.

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