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Can you name one smart person who is a creationist?

Michael Behe believe in common descent, therefore he can't be called a creationist

Werner Arber (Nobel Laureate) believe that God probably intervened during evolution, but he is not a creationist

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    Some modern scientists who have accepted the biblical account of creation

    Dr. William Arion, Biochemistry, Chemistry

    Dr. Paul Ackerman, Psychologist

    Dr. E. Theo Agard, Medical Physics

    Dr. Steve Austin, Geologist

    Dr. S.E. Aw, Biochemist

    Dr. Thomas Barnes, Physicist

    Dr. Geoff Barnard, Immunologist

    Dr. John Baumgardner, Electrical Engineering, Space Physicist, Geophysicist, expert in supercomputer modeling of plate tectonics

    Dr. Jerry Bergman, Psychologist

    Dr. Kimberly Berrine, Microbiology & Immunology

    Prof. Vladimir Betina, Microbiology, Biochemistry & Biology

    Dr. Andrew Bosanquet, Biology, Microbiology

    Edward A. Boudreaux, Theoretical Chemistry

    Dr. David R. Boylan, Chemical Engineer

    Prof. Linn E. Carothers, Associate Professor of Statistics

    Dr. Rob Carter, Marine Biology

    Prof. Sung-Do Cha, Physics

    Dr. Eugene F. Chaffin, Professor of Physics

    Dr. Choong-Kuk Chang, Genetic Engineering

    Prof. Jeun-Sik Chang, Aeronautical Engineering

    Dr. Donald Chittick, Physical Chemist

    Prof. Chung-Il Cho, Biology Education

    Dr. John M. Cimbala, Mechanical Engineering

    Dr. Harold Coffin, Palaeontologist

    Timothy C. Coppess, M.S., Environmental Scientist

    Dr. Bob Compton, DVM

    Dr. Ken Cumming, Biologist

    Dr. Jack W. Cuozzo, Dentist

    Dr. William M. Curtis III, Th.D., Th.M., M.S., Aeronautics & Nuclear Physics

    Dr. Malcolm Cutchins, Aerospace Engineering

    Dr. Lionel Dahmer, Analytical Chemist

    Dr. Raymond V. Damadian, M.D., Pioneer of magnetic resonance imaging

    Dr. Chris Darnbrough, Biochemist

    Dr. Nancy M. Darrall, Botany

    Dr. Bryan Dawson, Mathematics

    Dr. Douglas Dean, Biological Chemistry

    Prof. Stephen W. Deckard, Assistant Professor of Education

    Dr. David A. DeWitt, Biology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience

    Dr. Don DeYoung, Astronomy, atmospheric physics, M.Div

    Dr. Geoff Downes, Creationist Plant Physiologist

    Dr. Ted Driggers, Operations research

    Robert H. Eckel, Medical Research

    Dr. André Eggen, Geneticist

    Dr. Dudley Eirich, Molecular Biologist

    Prof. Dennis L. Englin, Professor of Geophysics

    Dr. Andrew J. Fabich, Microbiology

    Prof. Danny Faulkner, Astronomy

    Prof. Carl B. Fliermans, Professor of Biology

    Prof. Dwain L. Ford, Organic Chemistry

    Dr. Kenneth W. Funk, Organic Chemistry

    Prof. Robert H. Franks, Associate Professor of Biology

    Dr. Alan Galbraith, Watershed Science

    Dr. Paul Giem, Medical Research

    Dr. Maciej Giertych, Geneticist

    Dr. Duane Gish, Biochemist

    Dr. Werner Gitt, Information Scientist

    Dr. Warwick Glover, General Surgeon

    Dr. D.B. Gower, Biochemistry

    Dr. Robin Greer, Chemist, History

    Dr. Stephen Grocott, Chemist

    Dr. Vicki Hagerman, DMV

    Dr. Donald Hamann, Food Scientist

    Dr. Barry Harker, Philosopher

    Dr. Charles W. Harrison, Applied Physicist, Electromagnetics

    Dr. Mark Harwood, Engineering (satellite specialist)

    Dr. George Hawke, Environmental Scientist

    Dr. Margaret Helder, Science Editor, Botanist

    Dr. Harold R. Henry, Engineer

    Dr. Jonathan Henry, Astronomy

    Dr. Joseph Henson, Entomologist

    Dr. Robert A. Herrmann, Professor of Mathematics, US Naval Academy

    Dr. Andrew Hodge, Head of the Cardiothoracic Surgical Service

    Dr. Kelly Hollowell, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacologist

    Dr. Ed Holroyd, III, Atmospheric Science

    Dr. Bob Hosken, Biochemistry

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    As William Badke positioned it, “Ridicule is the backside form of argument. It nicely-knownshows immaturity and a scarcity of ability to handle the themes in an smart way” (study concepts). that's a logical fallacy called "question-begging epithet." And as Casey Luskin suggested, “enable me share some concepts on a thank you to handle the internal maximum assaults, the tries to marginalize you with rhetoric. First, once you face such an attack, attempt to no longer take it for my section. on the different, be inspired considering that's often a demonstration which you're triumphing the argument. in the journey that your fighters had something logically compelling to assert, you will possibly be valuable they may well be announcing it. the actuality that they experience compelled to hotel to emotional rhetoric and private assaults ability that, on logical and evidential grounds, you have made a solid argument” (A friendly Letter to the Heartland Institute). If somebody has to hotel to call calling, sarcasm, insults, ridicule, etc. to place down yet another guy or woman’s place, then what does that say with regard to the potential of their very own place?

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    Jesus Christ

    Source(s): The Bible
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    LadyMorgana's answer is a prime example of what I'm going to say: I think it will be impossible to convince you that any creationist is intelligent. By the world's standards, creationists are dumb, asinine fools who believe in wishful thinking. It seems that your only goal is to shoot down creationists, so there really is no use in telling you what you're expecting me to.

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    there are plenty of smart people who believe stupid things. Edgar Mitchell, Kary Mullis, Linus Pauling... I'm sure you could find some creationists to put on that list. on the other hand, some creationists are dumb as rocks. it ain't necessarily so, is all I'm saying.

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    I think you should get out of your capsule and roam around your nearest campus and conduct a survey; you'd be surprised and astonished that you disbelievers are counted on only one hand.

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    several actually

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    How smart? I dont know any reeeally smart people but my neurologist (at a top medical center btw) believes in god. So does my dentist

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    There is no such thing. Anyone who believes in creationism is, by definition, an idiot.

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