i rly need help pronto?

How many kilojoules of energy would be liberated by condensing 56.81 mol of steam initially at 114.4 °C and then allowing the liquid to cool to 36.7 °C?

(Assume that the specific heat of steam is constant with a value of 2.0 J/g·K)

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  • 9 years ago
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    First, note that °C = °K (they're the same size of heat measure).

    Now, you need to take this in three steps:

    (1) Compute the mass of steam you have. This is the moles times the atomic mass of water.

    (2) Compute the heat liberation in cooling this mass a total of (114.4 - 36.7)°C

    (3) Compute the heat liberation in condensing this mass from steam to water. I don't recall the heat of vaporization / condensation of water, but you doubtless have it handy. I do recall that it was in the range of several hundred calories/g.

    Add your answers to parts 2 & 3; that's your final answer.

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