As if Jessica Sanchez received the lowest votes on American Idol this week.What are your reactions?

Personally, I believe Jessica Sanchez is a talented person. And indeed this is a competition so it can go anyone's way. However, I think if anything, this is way too early for her to be in the bottom three.

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    9 years ago
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    What do you mean the judges aren't there to sway voter opinions, Duh if they weren't there to sway voter opinion then why would they be their in the first place, Simon always-always torched bad performers 400 degrees in order to get them kicked off the show because AI is about raw talent. And I bet you a thousand bucks that Simon would have been in love with Jessica. She is a beast, And the other contestants just pick the wrong season to be on AI because you don't pick a fight with a beast, I cant remember the last time I even wanted to watch AI before Jessica Sanchez. I you-tubed some clips of this girl and this girl has flavor. She's someone I see as being able to slip between pop, ballad, r&b and hip hop effortlessly sort of like Mariah Carey. All I see is comments like shes arrogant, she tries too hard, she thinks shes entitled to win. All charges that have no validity behind them. She's obviously just doing what she loves. Im just glad their are more Jessica Sanchez lovers than haters. The Judges did the right thing by storming the stage because this girl has been singing like her life depended on it from day one.

    @Halo Mom

    true Jennifer Hudson was the first of the final 7 to go in her season. And it was a huge upset. But Fantasia. Diana Degarmo and a host of other finalist from that season were just as exceptional as her, where as in this season Jessica Sanchez has no clear competition. A Jessica Sanchez elimination this season would be the biggest upset in Idol history. If you're asking me if Jessica Sanchez sings better than Jennifer Hudson i would say yes. Jessica Sanchez is in a hemisphere with Christina Aguilera, her rendition of Whitney Houston's I will always love you could have only been sung better by Whitney herself. The last person I watched nail that song like that was Christina Aguilera. And I consider Christina and Mariah the next best singers of this generation next to Whitney and Jessica is proving herself worthy of her accolades.

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    I'm sorry; but some of these reactions are completely ridiculous. Some are comparing Jessica to Hollie, which makes sense, because they both have big voices. However, there is a reason Jessica gets continuous praise. She is the most consistent singer and has what is very obviously the most technically sound and strong voice. Hollie has messed up in big ways several times. The judges give Hollie a hard time because she is behind compared to the other contestants. Last night there were three BIG notes that she botched and sang flat. Jessica's was technically flawless. Additionally, Jessica's performance was one of her strongest so far. Before tonight, she was yet to even be in the bottom three. So this result makes no sense. It is similar to Pia's case last year. However, I'd go as far as to say Jessica is beyond Pia's talent. Those who say she doesn't have stage presence are out of their mind. She LIGHTS up the stage, even when she's just sitting on a piano the whole time! She puts so much heart and soul into it that she kills it both vocally and with her presence. Additionally, some are bashing Phil Phillips. NO. Just NO. He's musically VERY talented and he CAN sing. His voice is different. If you don't like it, then okay. But don't say he can't sing. He's got a fantastic singer songwriter's voice. Saying he can't sing is like me saying Hollie can't sing just because I'm not a huge fan of her tone. The girl can SING, she's just not as phenomenal as the others. Anyway, sorry about this rant. I'm just seeing a lot of ignorant responses; some of you are basing your opinion on these people's singing completely on favoritism, not on their actual talent. Jessica is the most talented singer. She should NOT have gotten the lowest number of votes, and I was completely dumbfounded. Do I see her winning? No. She's missing the commercialism that some, particularly Skylar and Colton pack. But, in all honesty, everyone remaining is more talented than half of the previous idol winners. I'll be content with just about any of these contestants winning. Thank God they saved Jessica though. She deserves to continue to AT LEAST the top 3.

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    I knew this would happen, because they needed to use the "save." they did this one other season after they introduced the stupid save. It was getting to close to the end for not using the save yet, and they have to do a double elimination.

    1 of 3 things happened...

    1) RIGGED! The "save" had to be used, so Idol rigged it to be able to use the save and get it out of the way this week. Or possibly got rigged in order to get more votes coming in, because perhaps this season, the voting has been minimal and rating are dropping. Either way, it could have been rigged. One way to look at it, is that Hollie has been in the bottom 3 several times Ina row now, and jessica is usually always brought out first to be sold to sit. Now all of a sudden, Hollie passes up Elise, Joshua and Jessica... I don't think so. So being rigged is a good possibility, but could have been a mess up as well, and I'll get to that on number 3...

    2) VOTERS! Either voters are lazy and assume their favorite will be safe or people just felt sorry for Phillip and Hollie and over voted for them and under voted for those they suspected to be safe. I have heard roomers of prujuduce voters, but I doubt that would be the case. Also, possibly voters could possibly be terrible at dialing, but again I doubt this to be the case....

    3) PHONE SYSTEM MISTAKE! Possibly something with the phone system could have gotten screwed up and numbers may have gotten crossed. Maybe they linked the wrong numbers With the incorrect contestants. Wether or not Idol knew about it already, and went with it, in order to make it a "WOW" night on idol, or they just figured it out, we would never hear the truth anyway.

    No matter what you believe, it could have been anyone of those 3. If someone voted for Hollie or whoever in the top 4 tonight, they would obviously not want to believe it was rigged or a phone system mistake, but no matter who you voted for, I don't think this was the correct results tonight, and I do have a suspicious thought or two on what might have happend, but with no proof, we will just have to wait and see what happens in coming weeks. Win or loose, jessica and Joshua will have record deals after this.

    I still must say though, it looks awfully suspicious that Hollie has been in the bottom 3 regularly and somehow jumped Elise, jessica and ya right...!

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    I think Jessica is a technically good singer, but she has no personality or stage presence at all. I noticed that while the judges were angry after she was booted off, the other contestants were actually grinning somewhat. The way the judges barged onto the stage lacked professionalism and showed an obvious bias. They are mean to Elise and Hollie no matter how well they perform, and Jessica always gets a standing ovation. Pia got booted early, so did Daughtry, and so did Jennifer Hudson. If America's vote no longer counts, then why watch this stupid show?

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  • 9 years ago

    American Idol is rigged. There's no way Jessica had the lowest number of votes. DeAndre definitely didn't have the lowest number of votes last week either. Heejun has a huge fan base, he also shouldn't have been eliminated so early.

    Tonight's "shocking" results were planned by the producers. They do it for the ratings. They already have a planned winner.

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    It is evident American Idol is a popularity show.

    Without bias, my opinion is Jessica is one of top 3 contestants and will be be extremely disappointing if she doesn't end there.

    This is if America will cast their vote based on talent.

    By far, she challenges herself by not sticking to her strongest - BALLAD rather show watching fans including judges how far she can go with her voice. Look back at the weekly episodes in the Finals and you will see the mix.

    The rule to get a "unanimous vote" and be saved by judges is fair and reasonable as they(judges) will not agree agree all the time - though their individual comments seem to suggest they're just echoing another one's comment. One gives a standing ovation expect the other 2 to come next as they watch each other. SIMON doesn't do that!

    Stopping Jessica ( all judges) at the beginning of the song is a clear and strong statement that they saw Jessica's talent. It was admirable for them to do such thing and tell America they are making a mistake.

    This SHOCKER is surely going to American Idol books. Going forward, I think judges should be more cautious on their comments by not just agreeing with one's comment HOWEVER provide better and objective critiquing towards the Top 7. One's comment should be CHALLENGING and INSPiRING to its truest sense.

  • 9 years ago

    No it's not

    Jennifer Hudson left at 7

    Jennifer hudson was in the bottom the other that did the best

    Randy was wrong, it has happen, Jennifer hudson season

    Last Year Pia left at 8 or 9

    She was the best singer

    I thought the bottom three would of been Colton, Jessica and Holly

    When the split Holly and Jessica, I knew Jessica was in the bottom

    I am not surprise

    No body did really bad, and the judges told who need votes and they got them

    This has happen before

    I do not think she is as good as the judges think

    I like Elise much better

    Hollie has more of a personality

  • 9 years ago

    America is crazy !! Do we realize that most people voting are really young girls, and they are voting for the young white boys. Jessica is not getting the votes bc shes foreign, Elise who can sing keeps being in the bottom week after week bc she's a bit older. It's not based on talent its based on these young girls voting for these boys they crush on. Phillip Phillip cannot sing...Colton has the looks little girls love. It goes to show u people are still racist and its wrong. Jessica can sing and we need to vote for the best talent not best looks.

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  • Steph
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    9 years ago

    Jessica is very talented same with Joshua and Colton

    Hollie,Elise and Phillp should have been the bottom three this week at least Hollie she always gets saved the last mintue when clearly she shouldnt be saved

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    9 years ago

    I think they switched the votes around! Jessica is one of the best singers on the show!! I was so surprised when they said she was in the bottom three. That's just messed up. Good thing the judges saved her (like she needed it she shouldn't be in the bottom three! It should have been Holly, Colton, and Phillip!)

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