Why was Italy struggling by 1922?

Hi, I have a History project and I need a bit of help. I know that there were 5PMs in 5years at the time, but who were they and why was this bad for Italy?

Thanks :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Widespread political corruption, and fiscal irresponsibility by the government had left Italy heavily in debt. Unfair and poorly administered labour laws caused widespread frustration in the working class and there were frequent and violent labour strikes. Furthermore a combination of disease epidemics (such as Influenza) ravaged the population. There were also a number of natural disasters such as the 1908 Messina earthquake that the government failed to respond to leading to the widespread belief that the government favoured certain regions of the country over others. None of the successive Italian governments were able to offer a solution or take decisive action about these many problems so they all fell in rapid succession. It was this atmosphere of perceived indecisiveness and incompetence that the Fascists seized up on, by maintaining the appearance (largely a facade) of being strong and decisive the Fascists offered Italians what appeared to be a viable alternative to the failed policies of previous governments, garnering for them widespread support.

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