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Can a white person audition for YG Entertainment?

I am a 24 year old woman. I was wondering if I would be able to audition for YG Entertainment, or would I have no chance because I'm not Korean, or any type of Asian? I have lived in Korea for 3 years and I am pretty much fluent in Korean, which is an advantage, but would they turn me down because of my race? I am also thin and tall. ( I am around six feet tall, which could be a disadvantage) Thanks in advance!

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    You honestly can't. Not because of your race or height or anything but because of YG's requirements. You have to be within the age of 12-22 this year (cause they change the ages to audition every year according to the year -- last year was 11-21) to audition for YG. You're a bit late. ._.

    Source(s): On YG's Audition Page: YG Audition January 3, 2012 Age limit : born in 2001~1991 (12~22 Korean age)
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    I say if you're confident enough, go for it! YG recently held auditions in Sydney, Australia and quite a few non-Asians auditioned, so I'm sure they won't reject you because of your race.

    I'd just like to make one point. The auditions in Sydney had an age limit of about 18 (I think), because they need to train you for a couple of years before début so 24 might be a bit old, but give it a try anyway! Being able to speak Korean fluently is definitely an advantage! Good luck!

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    Height and race don't matter. What you need to have is an appeal to attract millions of fans who like certain characteristics such as supercute aegyo. Look at the new trainee, Kim Jenny. Although she's asian, she does have an appeal, while lots of others don't and they'll never succeed in this industry. Why not audition for korean TV stations? I don't take anyone seriously until they mention certain realistic stuff such as MC-ing or radio DJ-aying and other stuff that idols do on a weekly basis. Everyone wants to sing and dance but no one bothers to do some voice acting lessons for animated movies.

    Btw at this age it's best to already be skilled just like Brown Eyed Girls already were when they debuted and later eventually made it big with Abracadabra. Otherwise you need to be someone like Woori or Sandara - older but with appeal.

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    The honest truth is that yes, you can audition, anyone can, but you have basically no chance of making it in. You aren't young, you aren't Asian, and you are very tall. You named them all. It's not racism, but it's about marketing. Right now, women who look like you, who can speak Korean well, are the MiSuDa entertainment girls. The music industry doesn't have much use for tall white women who want to sing.

    There's no harm in trying but I'm just letting you know the truth.

    You might actually want to try SM instead, since they look for models too.

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    Im not sure but I think they'll give u a chance so go for it :D

    Since ur fluent in korea and u can sing and pretty :DD

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    well considering your age, i don't think so. Most entertainment companies want trainees that are under 18. You can always be a model and maybe be in one of their music videos :D

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    No! they won't turn you down because of your race!

    don't worry!

    you should go for it!! absolutely!!

    I also recommend you to audition for JYP Entertainment:)

    Source(s): Me:) (I'm korean)
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    If you have enough confidence, then go.

    However, you are 24 and to me, that seems a little bit old.

    Think about how long your training will be and how old you will be when you debut.

    They prefer younger competitors.

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    Go for it...

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