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small cheapish hotels in mexico?


I am looking for some ideas for smallish hotels anywhere in mexico. should be on a beach but doesnt have to be, should hold around 30-100 people. Cheaper the better, but we want to be safe. just looking for something a little unique and different

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    Mexico is really quite diverse, so while I personally prefer Mexico's Pacific Coast (just because I've been there), there are other regions worth visiting.

    I'd suggest that you give this site a good read, and then decide which part of Mexico (and preferable which cities or towns) you'd like to visit:

    Then go this website listing hotels all across Mexico:

    For each hotel that site will show photos, maps, guest reviews, and amenities info, so you're to find at least a few to your liking. And it will also show, for each hotel, the best room rates available from several different booking sites.

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    I would suggest the Caribbean side. I think it's much nicer. However that's just my opinion.

    If you look into the towns of Xcalak, Mahahual area. there are a lot of more inexpensive options outside of the overdeveloped tourist areas.

    You can search Costa Maya. You will probably get a broad list.

    hope this helps.

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    The Cancun Clipper Club - on the lagoon side of the street, not all inclusive, across the street from the Convention Center, Coco Bongo, and the ocean 3 minute walk to Senior Frogs.

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