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Need help with longboard setup?

Ok I have a sector 9 rincon tell me if this setup is good for cruising, carving and sliding.

Paris 180mm trucks

Abec 11 flashbacks 78a or 81a?

Bones red bearings

Orangatang nipple bushing medium hardness

What do you recommend for this board and how long will my longboard take to ship from switchback if I ordered last Saturday and I'm in western Canada?

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    Get Randall 180 trucks instead of Paris. Paris trucks are made in China and aren't good for sliding. Randalls are made in California and are the best all around. Everything else looks good though, Orangatangs are great wheels! It should take 5-10 business days to arrive.

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  • Ryan D
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    8 years ago

    Great setup. Abec11 Flashbacks 81a > Orangatang wheels.

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