My ex doesn't want to see me?

We dated for 11 months, 6 were spent together and 5 were long distance because of me moving away to university. We mutually broke up because we weren't communicating very well, and after about 3 weeks I asked to get back together and to try and fix things. He said "we're just gonna have to break up again eventually", so we didn't get back together. Now its been 2 months we've been broken up and I'm back for the summer, and he moves away in a few days. Ive asked to see him before he goes and he keeps putting it off, so i asked if he has a problem with me wanting to see him and he said "yes, it would be kinda weird." I don't know what "weird" means, its not like we went out for a very long time or had a bad break up?


and i know for sure he's not in or has had any relationships with other girls :P

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  • 8 years ago
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    "weird" means that he doesn't want to conjure up feelings because he's not around for very long, or just doesn't have them any more and doesn't want to hurt you. Your best option is to let it go (let him go) and concentrate on something productive that makes you happy, until you find another guy that's the one for you. You're making it harder on yourself by trying to rationalize this. Now based on your question, ask yourself this ... Is this the answer you wanted? If the answer is "no", and you just wanted complete strangers to validate your feelings, then you are obsessing. The best thing you can do for yourself, and for him, is let it go and focus on something productive. If he really likes you, he'll miss you. If it's not mean to be, you'll free yourself up for the person you really don't want to miss out on and haven't even met yet!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    uh...why do you want to see your ex again? He's obviously playing some BS with you and is being an ******* so do yourself a favor and stop trying to talk to him you can do better than that seriously

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  • 8 years ago

    he might have a girlfriend

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