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What drugs have a higher risk of addiction and why?

Doing this for a health assignment. Im guessing mediocre drugs have a higher risk of addiction. If not, please correct me. And provide an explanation on why?

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    Drugs addiction is caused by two factors: Intensity of withdraw symptoms, and how quickly you get high after you take the drug.

    Heroin is the most addictive for both reasons: When you shoot heroin or smoke opium (it's the same drug in different form), you get high fast... in less than a minute, because the drug gets to your brain very quickly. Also, after you do this drug for a long time, your body gets used to it. If you stop doing it, you will feel very very bad both physically and emotionally, and you'll have intense cravings that can only be satisfied by the drug. This is called withdrawal and it makes heroin and other opiate-based drugs the most addictive. Oxycontin is an opiate-based medicine but it's swallowed, so the effects take about 15-20 minutes to kick-in. However, the withdrawal symptoms are just as bad so it's also very addictive.

    Non-addictive drugs include non-euphoric drugs like psychedelics. LSD and mushrooms are such drugs. They take about an hour to take effect and they cause little to no pleasurable effects. Instead, they cause distortion of reality, amplification of sensory input, and hallucinations. There are no withdrawal symptoms when you stop using them. Therefore, they are not addictive to the vast majority of people. However, because they distort reality, people sometimes (but not often) accidentally physically hurt themselves or have a panic attack.

    Nicotine (present in cigarettes) is almost as addictive as heroin because of the withdrawal symptoms. That's why most people find it extremely difficult or impossible to stop smoking.

    Methamphetamines and cocaine are also very addictive because they cause a very quick high, and after prolonged, frequent use, stopping the drug causes intense withdrawal symptoms.

    There are plenty of healthy habitual marijuana and psychedelic users. I live in Southern California and know many of them. They have stable jobs, healthy relationships, families, educations, friends, an active social life, etc. However, I don't know a single healthy habitual heroin, meth, or cocaine user. Those three drugs are generally life-destroying drugs that lead to addiction, poverty, loss of job and relationships, and high risk of overdose and death.

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    Im no Dr or research specialist, just an ex user, when you say "mediocre drug" i suppose your referring to marijuana which isn't a physically addicting drug its all mental to where if your smoking for a long period then suddenly quit you wont have physical with drawls. I'd have to say meth is right up there in very high risk, it releases an excessive amount of dopamine causing instant pleasure to the user and this feeling can last for 12 to 24 hours depending on the amount of intake and quality of the product. The user will go days sometimes weeks without sleep or food, they will feel invincible to anything and anyone, the comedown is very harsh because the body is trying to out process the horrible chemicals your body has ingested along with having no food and sleep. Im not too savvy on Heroin but that's also a very hard drug to kick, its the only drug that the withdrawls can actually kill you. Cocaine is addictive and also attacks the same receptors in the brain which release the dopamine but does not release as many as meth also the come down is a little easier to deal with, the initial high on cocaine lasts for at most 45 to an hour also depending on the quality of product, It will give you the feeling of confidence and energetic it also wont ravage your body or rob you of your morals as quickly as meth will but with that being said it is still by no means a safe or good choice, Cocaine is derived from a plant to where Meth is made from any and everything under your kitchen sink. Crack is made from powder cocaine and baking soda, it is highly addictive because the initial high lasts for only three to 5 minutes then the comedown begins which makes the user need to seek more to maintain that high. It is also a horrible drug and a very highly addictive one. Hopefully this kind of helped you.

    Source(s): Just personal experience.
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    Well as the person below me says when a teen is at their low they turn to something that makes them feel good about themselves and drugs tend to have that quality. Adults have learned to cope with their problems better. Although there are alot of adult drug addicts. Also adults have probably already done their experimenting with drugs some choose to only do it once and some choose to do it more. Alot of people grow out of doing drugs after a couple years depending on the person like some people have to hit rock bottom whereas people like me can just cold turkey quit whenever I wanted to. Teens are curious and nowadays drugs are considered "cool" in today's society and if you don't smoke weed you ain't cool enough to go to the party's and chill with the stoners and some places there are more stoners than jocks or preppy kids so they are considered popular and most teens want to be popular so they do whatever it takes, then they get addicted to whatever they start doing.

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    Addiction in every thing is bad, while it is very horrible to think who i leave it but I it is "one time" fear

    once you leave it next day you feel yourself comfortable.

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