Are you looking forward to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?

In the world of the afterlife,it is waiting for all to come to the light

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    When a flaming demon steps through a portal in the teenage Reynaldo Reyes's living room in Brooklyn, N.Y. it's just the first of a series of frightening encounters and unexplained deaths, including that of the well-known rapper Jam Master Jay of Run DMC.

    This is the bizarre true story of a life-long struggle with the supernatural/horror.

    Synopsis: If Poltergeist was a graphic novel set to rap music, you would have the life of Reynaldo Reyes.

    Welcome to his neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y. where the front stoops are littered with sorcerers, back stabbers, blackmailers, criminal conspirators, and welfare families. Where rappers Run DMC are involved in a bizarre mystery.

    When he is a teenager, a series of strange events culminate in a fright night: the kitchen blazes with flames that don't burn, "something" steps through the ring of fire, and Reynaldo's reaction is so severe he is rushed to the hospital.

    Whatever entity came through that night, it doesn't leave. It harasses Reynaldo and frightens others in the building. Reynaldo's behavior changes, often for the worse. There are arguments, physical fights, and trouble with the police. Violence swirls around him. At the same time, the deeply religious Reynaldo has confusing visions of heaven and hell, as well as the future.

    For example, he suddenly and frantically announces that terrorists are going to blow up the Empire State Building. No one believes him. Three days later, terrorists attack the World Trade Center. Soon after Reynaldo creates a rap song about three apparitions he experienced over a four-year period, he has premonitions in which a mysterious deity speaks to the well-known lead singer of the rap group Run DMC and starts a rumor that inspires the group's 1986 hit album "Raising Hell." Less than a month after Reynaldo's book is accepted for publication, Jam Master Jay of the rap group Run DMC is murdered in what Reynaldo strongly believes is a supernatural crime cover-up.

    Reynaldo's book is published on July 1, 2003, precisely one year after Jam Master Jay's death. Today, the killers have not been captured, and the death remains unsolved. Nor have the demons left Reynaldo alone.

    Reynaldo Reyes is a freelance artist. His designs have appeared on T-shirts and his commisioned paintings hang in St. Thomas Catholic Church and the Parapsychology Foundation. He has been interviewed at length by internationally renowned paranormal researcher John Zaffis for his TV show and for Zaffis's documentary, which is shown around the country. All of the witnesses are ready to testify on camera and are preparing to take a lie detector test and an MRI to prove that this true story is very REAL!

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    My brother grew to become into tossed from a drunks truck in a smash. He grew to become into clinically ineffective. He recalls not something approximately that or any "mild". My chum a decade in the past, additionally tossed from a drunks truck in a smash. recalls not something approximately that or any "mild tunnel". maybe he grew to become into puzzled from being revived and a paramedic shining a pen mild into his eyes and he twisted that to the tunnel tale we consistently hear like this? only thinking. something's attainable! sturdy factor he's around to tell the story!

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    At the moment I am looking forward to the light with as much enthusiasm as I am hemorrhoids!. I am just too taken-ed with cable tv, sex and apple pie a la mode.

    Source(s): Gravity and the sense of touch/taste is just too appealing.
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    ANY Kinda Light...

    Once I See LIGHT...

    And NOT Flames And Thick Black Smoke...

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