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Someone with very tight curls and has dealt with crazy hair please!?

Ok i dont People understood me. I have curly hair, not like taylor swift, i have Black hair. And its really bad. I need some sort of relaxer or brazilian smoothing that actuallu makes my hair straight without having to flat iron or blow dry. Somethimg that works and sells in canada. Please some one who has black hair like me. Ive already tries goin natural but therz no way. Some1 please help!

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    OK so my hair is very very curly but it's red. So I just try to use products with no alcohol like matrix for curly hair that keeps my curls soft and frizz free. My sister had the Brazilian Blowout and her hair looks amazing!! You should try it! The only thing is that it will last you like 10 week's. :( She pays $150 but well worth it. You should try I don't because I honestly love my curls :)

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