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Pro-lifers, when is it too late to abort a baby in your eyes?

Brain waves have been recorded at 40 days on the Electroencephalogram (EEG).

H. Hamlin, "Life or Death by EEG," JAMA, Oct. 12, 1964, p. 120

Brain function, as measured on the Electroencephalogram, "appears to be reliably present in the fetus at about eight weeks gestation," or six weeks after conception.

J. Goldenring, "Development of the Fetal Brain,"

New England Jour. of Med., Aug. 26, 1982, p. 564


2AM.. prochoicers I meant lol

Update 2:

3 months = 12 weeks. Brainwaves are already there. So how isn't that murder?

Update 3:

Xu heartbeat first comes in the first 6 weeks as well.

Update 4:

Most abortions are out of convenience.

Update 5:

Yeah Tripp, I agree, it's why I'm asking them. I meant to ask this to prochoicers.

Update 6:

My links aren't links. They're from books. 85 IQ at work?

Update 7:

I'll explain hurts. The time interval of a gestation plus two weeks is called gestation period, and the length of time plus two weeks that the offspring have spent developing in the uterus is called gestational age. (The extra two weeks is added because gestational age is counted starting from the last menstrual period (LMP), rather than from actual conception.

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    Depends on the situation. Killing it just because it is inconvenient is always wrong. If there are serious complications, it is a totally different story. It is obviously alive at conception. By sixteen weeks, it has arms, toes, heartbeat. If I was going to draw a line, I would say with a heartbeat.

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    This statement doesn't make sense: "...eight weeks gestation, or six weeks after conception". That would imply someone was carrying a baby 2 weeks before it was conceived.

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    In Arizona, it is potentially 2 weeks prior to actually having sex...

    It's a moot point, at any rate. It is a practical impossibility to force a women to bear an unwanted/unintended fetus to term against her will (enforced pregnancy/maternal slavery).

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    I'm calling BS on your 'brainwaves' papers.

    All the links I see when I Google that is to Pro-Life websites.

    Hmmmm, who would have imagined?

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    Google: 'Personhood'

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    Depends on its colour. If it's black or yellow, anytime up to 14 years old. If its normal coloured, then abortion should not be allowed.

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    If you read up on this you'd's around 3 months, when the fetus is capable of surviving on it's own. Any other BASIC questions I can SCHOOL YOU on...about this debate that you've obviously already made your mind up about?

    Do you even know what a fvcking brain wave is??

    Jesus Christ you're stupid. Read a book, for heaven's sake.

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    Brain waves/function are not thought.

    I believe it's too late when it can live outside the womb, because at that point it is technically a baby.

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    A zygote is a living being. They cannot prove otherwise.

  • That depends upon their definition of life. After fertilization? After first trimester? I think that there will be many answers to this question.

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